How to order biological resources from our Biobank

  1. Search for the biological resource in our Catalogue
  2. Click on the material’s code to download the technical sheet
  3. Download and fill the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)
  4. Send the MTA to
  5. Wait for an email with the accepted and signed copy of the MTA and the instructions to proceed with the shipment and payments
  6. You will receive the tracking number by email once the biological resource is shipped
  7. Please send us the Customer Satisfaction Form to



Store your biological resources in our Biobank

  1. Write the following documents:
    1. Safety Data Sheet (example)
    2. Recovery Sheet (example)
    3. Certificate of Analysis containing product identification, qualitative and quantitative traits, reference to the used analytical method, and signature of the director (example).
  2. Download and fill the Dangerous Goods Declaration
  3. Download and fill the Storage Request Form
  4. Send all the documents to
  5. Wait for an email with the confirmation and the material transfer instructions
  6. Please send us the Provider Customer Satisfaction Form to